my story...

My name is Jacob. I’m 29 years old, a self-taught photographer, surfer, musician, father and pizza-connoisseur. I may or may not watch Jurassic Park at least once a week.

I've been a dishy at pubs, pizza-delivery driver, juice-maker, a School Teacher and a Marketing Manager in the real estate industry - just to name a few. No matter what I do, I've always come back to photography.

I'm proud to say that I've turned my passion into my career and I'm now an award-winning photographer.

The most common thing I hear from those around me is "you should charge more!". I am genuinely satisfied with the fulfilment that I receive by building connections with people and being a part of their special day. Being surrounded by love and beautiful energy is amazing and I am grateful that I get paid to do something that I am so passionate about.